This website is designed for students at Yavapai College who are taking a course from Dr Dave Graser. Along the top you should see links to the three to four courses I typically teach. For the Fall semester of 2016, I am teaching two section of MAT 142 College Math (2 face to face), 1 section of MAT 172 Finite Mathematics (online), and 2 sections of MAT 212 Survey of Calculus (1 face to face and 1 online).

The online portion of your course has two components. The website whyseemath.com is available to you at all times. Anything that is not graded may be accessed through this website. In fact this webpage is a webpage from that website. On this website you can find information about what is due and when, textbook resources, handouts, videos, ect. As long as you do not need to supply any personal information for a resource in the class, it is probably found at whyseemath.com. It is designed to play nicely with desktop and laptop computers as well as tablets and smartphones.

If you need to complete homework, quizzes, or other graded components of the course, you will need to log into MyLabsPlus through the Yavapai College website. To do this, locate the Login button in the upper right hand corner of the YC webpage.


Select that button to go to the login screen.


Enter your assigned username and password. Select LOGIN to go to the portal for Yavapai College. From this page you can access your YC email, messages, Blackboard courses and MyLabsPlus courses. At the top of the portal page, look for the + icon.


Select this icon to go to your MyLabsPlus course.