Final Exam Study Guide Problem 15 Solution

In this problem you need to construct a frequency table by counting the data points that fall into specified intervals. Once this is done, you can construct a histogram from those frequencies.

Problem 15 The following data are the number of reports of mishandled baggage per 1000 passengers for 10 US airlines during three months of 2010.


a. Construct a frequency distribution table. Use classes of width 1.0 (starting at 1.5). If a number is on a class boundary, count it in the higher class.

Solution Form the intervals in a table and then count the mishandled claims per 1000. Make sure that numbers on the boundary of an interval, like 3.5, go in the higher the interval. This is the reason why we write [3.5, 4.5).


b. Construct a histogram of the data. Include a title and label axes and units.



c. According to the data, what percentage of the time was the number of baggage complaints per 1000 less than 3.5?

Solution The total number of data points is 30, Of those data values, 18 are less than 3.5 so the percentage below 3.5 is 18/30 or 60%.